Article : We never knew,we were deceived by Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

A moment came when they said we have a bright thus,we depended on this statement and we reposed.We waited for the magic astonishment to occur instead working towards it,we fold our arms thinking about an instantaneous miracle that will bring us to spotlight but we were disappointed because we have been deceived. Should we say it was a deceit? The answer is,no,they were just instigating our tarnished hopes may be that will make man to be more rational.

    Mankind was created with a bright future but something went wrong hence,he needed to pay if he wants his future to be brighter,darkness covered the reality of mankind we could not detect good from evil and evil from good. We were left with our thoughts,nobody to put man through despite the difficulties and all what he can do is to rejuvenate himself by self believe.

   Many have assumed that the maker of mankind is silent. We must not be fallacious,man must give a proper scrutiny before his decision. The maker was disappointed when man succumb to death instead of life,he was reluctant to let man leave but he had to let man know that what he did. He told man frankly that he will pay if he wants a brighter future. But change of things came when mankind started deceiving each up till now the deception still continues. Be dexterous and be clever,don't be deceived because the maker is interested in your life.

BY Dvor Opeyemi Akinrulie
  @Hencom Scenario "All what we do can be derived from God"

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