Buhari ought to be in Jail - Asari Dokubo

Ex-militant leader, Asari Dokubo says Gen
Buhari ought to be in jail for what he termed
the former military leaders high handedness
when he ruled Nigeria. Asari stated this while
conducting the Niger Delta People Salvation
Front, NDPSF, volunteers march in support of
President Jonathan in Warri.
"All persons who believe that never again
should those who see us all as a conquered
people; those who believe that we exist at
their pleasure; those who believes our
sovereignty must be continually confiscated;
and that you and I are mere appendages in
the Nigeria union; lead us again. We must
kick out Buhari, who is a chief promoter of
born to rule and Boko Haram terrorism.
Buhari ought to be in jail and not allowed
the luxury of contesting an election with
sane people. He is the face of deceit," he
Asari at the rally also warned that it would be a
gun for gun, bomb for bomb, bullet for bullet
battle if the APC Presidential candidate and his
team decides to foment trouble when he looses
the elections coming up this Saturday March

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