Article: How God came down in that country By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

Years after years man has been lamenting
about the same routine
thus,this is between castigation and eulogy
whose routine is suitable for
living. Some laws have been formulated to
ensuring the standards of mankind
but these laws were formulated in order to
instill fear in mankind instead
it aggravated the condition.
Every man's purpose is to be successful but
how do we accede with the
maker in making everyone a successful
commodity? Is it the case that he has
distinguished people from people therefore
applying favourism to some
parts? Mankind shoulders are up and they are
curious to know the reason why
things are normal and abnormal and even
partial normal. Man has been
deceived and he is even suffering from the
disaster he did not commit. Why
should the sins be meted on man? For no
reasons he wanted to prove his
superiority over man,he has succeeded in
allocating every thing to all
It is assumed that this unjust world will come
to end but when? Man
feels everything will work out for good in
accordance with his zealous
performances not knowing that his steps are
under a dictator whose
authority is centralised. He truly has the attitude
of benevolence but have
we seen it? Man is afraid to fight for his rights
because of the
consequences which have been stereotyped for
any one who violates his laws
then,how will man survive? A society where
there is no freedoom is not a
democratic epitome but an era of unjust
Man has been told that he will surely come
down himself despite the
belief that he's every where. Where is he?
Hidden or obvious? No true
account of his whereabouts. Gazing in progress
like an ostrich but I hope
man won't be blinded by too much sun. I hope
his arrival will change
things,all are waiting and no one is sleeping. Let
your belief justify what
you believe.
By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua
Hencon scenario and dexterity

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