The vagueness of mankind is obvious even the hidden ones have been permitted to come out of darkness. Canopies are not canopied yet the raining season is fast approaching. Lamentations upon lamentations yet those scenarios instilled a phobic atmosphere in which mankind cannot adapt to. The future is bright and man always sings a joyful song like the country's anthem but the situations remains at the pinnacle of intractable circumstances.Cases with veracity are scarce but the opinions of mankind won't count because his decisions are under predestination. The routines of mankind looks vague but not vague it is just a distraction to take him away from realities which have been awarded to him,some criminals were not meant to see the court but determinism came to preach repentance to those crimimals fortunately they were forgiven. How about that scenario?How the concepts man proposed? All came under a gigantic question mark; who is man to decide? Have they forgotten their maker's dominance in all ramifications? Let's have a look about the establishment of this crucial world,the grievances attached to man 's life is so much which can never be explained. How apt is the view that man caused them? Did he choose to embrace calamities? Forcibly or intentional? The feelings are there and thoughts with pertinent questions but phobia still laughs always in man's society. I talk with little scrutiny,see you next time. By Akinrulie Opeyemi Joshua

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